Why You Want a Wedding Album

September 11, 2019

I think printing is an essential part of photography. I get an enormous amount of satisfaction in printing and displaying my photos in my home. They are constant reminders of the people I love and the places I’ve been.

I understand that it is far easier to carry around a few hundred photos on your phone for quick viewing, but I also want my clients to see the value in printing the photos they love. It’s difficult to convey in words how crucial it is to experience the photography by holding in your hands. There is no on-screen equivalent to turning each album page and seeing the stories of your wedding day weave together.

I work together with my couples to ensure we are putting together the album in a thoughtful way. I design each spread to be both artistic and purposeful so you can have a memento that you and your family can truly be proud of.

Prints along with an album are included with all of my wedding collections because I believe every couple deserves the tactical feel of their favorite photos. Not only does it let you experience them in a new way, it also makes it more personal by taking away the screen. Prints are how I hope my photography is enjoyed, rather than a 5-inch cell phone screen.

An album is how photos should be archived and preserved. Not a folder on the desktop of your old laptop. Remember that it is much easier to lose 400 image files on a flash drive than a 10-inch album that weighs 5 pounds. Keep those precious photos safe!

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