24mm f/1.4 is Super Unique for Portraits

July 22, 2019

Recently I purchased a 24mm Sigma Art Lens for Nikon to add to my gear bag. This is considered a wide lens and I find it to be especially great for portraits. When I first acquired it, I thought it would be useful for covering reception rooms and groups of people. However, I found that it has an especially unique look for portraits. Particularly when shooting with a shallow depth of field. It allows me to isolate my subjects while still including the environment around them. This makes it great for shooting downtown in locations where I want to include urban elements or the expansive skyline.

I appreciate that brands like Sigma are releasing quality lenses for much cheaper than their Nikon equivalents. Just a few years ago, a Sigma lens was considered a compromise for those on a tight budget. Several of my very first lenses were Sigma brand and I knew I was sacrificing image quality for the low cost. That couldn’t be further from the truth now. I’ve used many of the lenses from the Sigma Art line and they have all been fantastic. Now photographers can get name-brand results from a smaller brand and I welcome it. No longer do photographers need to give up an arm and a leg to get the quality they expect from Nikon, Canon, or Sony.  

Here are some of favorite recent portraits taken using the 24mm Sigma Art. 


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