Yolanda and Bizhan | Room 1520 | Chicago, Illinois


This wedding was particularly near and dear to my heart. I’ve known Bizhan since the beginning of my career – in fact he was one of the first Chicago musicians to take a chance on the newly-formed Thara Photo almost a decade ago. He met his perfect match in Yolanda and I loved working with both of them. Their Fulton Market wedding had that great industrial vibe that is classically Chicago. It was my first time shooting at the venue Room 1520, but I hope I get to go back soon. Because they forgo a traditional first look, we lit up the courtyard for portraits after the ceremony and had a ton of fun with shadows. We took advantage of last light on the roof with the wedding party and I was thrilled with the outcome. The night ended with a surprise musical performance with Bizhan and his good friend, such a treat for their guests. Cheers to a longtime collaborator and his new wife!

Tim was absolutely exceptional! He takes some of the best pictures you will ever see! But there are a lot of people that can “take good pictures.” What separates Tim is his incredible professionalism and his obvious passion for what he does. Wrangling friends and family and managing time at a wedding it almost impossible. Tim somehow can handle large groups of people with tons of different personalities and still get the most incredible pictures! But even though he is so involved and gives great direction; as the wedding day progresses, you start to forget he is even there! He just seamlessly navigates your big day, never missing a moment! Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone else to entrust with the most important of days. Meet with Tim and you’ll understand right away!

Yolanda and Bizhan

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