Kristin & Zach | Renaissance Hotel | Chicago, Illinois


Amidst the vibrant cityscape of downtown Chicago, Kristin and Zach celebrated their elegant spring wedding at the Renaissance Hotel located right on the river. The couple embraced the rain during their first look with open hearts and warm embraces. During the reception, we got the opportunity to leave the hotel during golden hour for more portraits and we finished at the Chicago Theater marquee. When the couple retuned to the dance floor, they participated in the Horah with their guests. Such an amazing day with two awesome people. I wish them the best!

Tim is a visionary and brings an eye to his work and delivers with quality and creativity. Every single time we flip through our photos, we smile and get reminded of special moments in a new way each time. Not only that, but Tim brings a level of expertise, like navigating the uncertainties and communicates throughout the process to ensure it's smooth and exactly the way you want it. On our wedding day, it rained for 30 minutes and it happened to fall during our first look! Tim knew how to navigate the situation, not only in person, but delivered some incredible shots that captured our feelings and emotion during that special time. In addition to having to scramble our plans around, he knew how to prioritize and communicate with us so we focused on what mattered the most to us-- and he delivered way above and beyond every single time.

Kristin & Zach

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