Kelly and Peter | Courthouse Ceremony | Chicago, Illinois


Such a pleasure working with Kelly and Peter. They are so laidback and it took them no time at all to warm up to the camera. The couple had to postpone their wedding date a year due to the pandemic so they opted for a civil ceremony at the courthouse. Their families gathered outside because guests inside were limited. I was flattered that they asked me to capture the short but sweet ceremony. The whole thing was over in 5 minutes, but when they exited, they were surprised by a group of close friends to congratulate them. We wandered around downtown for a bit to capture some portraits, then headed to Lincoln Park’s Gemini Restaurant where they had lunch with family. These two are truly fantastic people and I’m lucky to know them. Wishing you guys the best!

Restaurant: Gemini

Tim is an absolute professional delight to work with. Can't recommend enough here. Tim's control, poise, and confidence was seen every moment throughout the process of our wedding day. And the end-result was stunning with phenomenal, artsy, elegant shots. Just an overall great human being as well.

Kelly and Peter

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